Jual Controller Running Text TF-CNU | Kontroller P10 Tf Cnu Harga Murah


Jual Controller Running Text TF-CNU | Kontroller P10 Tf Cnu Harga Murah



Model State TF-CNU
Batch supply  Function introduction More arbitrary division, dazzle colour border area, U disk,seria ports,network communication, the LED display asynchronous control card
Usage indoor/outdoor
Network function support network automatic search, control card default IP:, computer assign IP.

  • U disk Support U disk update program, U plate adjustable brightness, U disk and a screen. The files are stored, do not affect U disk the original documents. Use card reader compatible with SD card, miniSD card
  • Pixel
  • Single colour1600×64;1536×256;768×512;
  • Double colour 1536×128;768×256;384×512
  • Ports Two groups 50 pin universal output interface, support various universal interface adapter plate ;example:08,12,75
  • Scanning mode support 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2,Scan the monochrome, double color module.
  • Storage 2M
  • Program number Maximum 200.support windows,Article 200 the most of every window support information.
  • Display rain,fountain,scroll and much more
  • Border support many Color border,Picture border
  • Flash format support GIF,SWF
  • Image format support BMP,JPG,GIF,WMF,ICO
  • Brightness Level 16 highlighted,support manual
  • Screen switch manual
  • Test button On-board test button,Can switch over the
  • Electrical parameters +5V DC(4.5V~6V),Power consumption<2W
  • Working temperature -30°C~70°C
  • Size  : 80mm×110mm,Hole spacing:60mm×110mm

ORDER : 085646814774


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