Jual Remot Tx Rx 4 Channel Harga Murah | Remote Receiver Transmitter

Jual Remote Tx Rx 4 Channel Harga Murah | Remote Receiver Transmitter





This is a new and fun product! This listing is for a keychain 4-channel transmitter (battery included and installed) that controls four different outputs on the included 4-channel receiver board. The receiver board is extremely easy to use! The video below shows a different version of this kit, but it works the same way. This is a non-latching RF set, which means that when you press the button on the transmitter, the corresponding output on the receiver board will go from 0v to 5v.. When you let go of the pressed button, the output will turn off. The receiver board comes with an antenna already installed, and is capable of receiving signals from up to 150 meters away. However, this distance will depend on your surroundings. SEE DEVICE INFO. All four transmit buttons can be held down at one time, as seen in the video. The receiver board requires a 5v source, to be connected to the VCC line. Watch the video, and you will see just how the device works. These are PERFECT for interfacing with microcontrollers! The receiver board requires a 5v supply. Do not provide more than 5v to this board. If after you read the below information you still have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

The pins on the receiver board are labelled on the PCB. There are 7 pins per receive board:
Ground (DC ground)
D0 – Data Output 0 – Controlled by “B” button on the transmitter.
D1 – Data Output 1- Controlled by “D” button on the transmitter.
D2 – Data Output 2 – Controlled by “A” button on the transmitter.
D3 – Data Output 3 – Controlled by “C” button on the transmitter.
5V VT (If you add an LED to this pin, it will light up anytime a signal has been received by the transmitter. It can be used if you need a signal to go high (roughly 5v) when you press any button, and go low (roughly 0v) when you let go.

The transmitter and receivers are modulated ASK/OOK on a 315MHz carrier frequency / -105dBm. The signal being sent from the transmitter is unique for each of the 4 buttons, and there is an on-board decoder circuit that decodes the signal and toggles the corresponding output. The current consumption of the receiver board when not connected to any load is a mere 6mA, and the range of transmit/receive up to 150 meters, depending on your surroundings. If you are outside in the country, and there are very few trees and building around, then transmittance will be more successful at higher distances. If you are indoors, and are transmitting outdoors in the city, expect betweem 50 and 250m transmittion distance.

Interface them with PICs, ARMs, or Arduino hoards to create all sorts of neat stuff!
nterface them with relays and driver circuits to turn on AC ***but be careful, as AC can kill =(*** Note that we have wireless relays/drivers too!
Use them to activate audio circuits outdoors and scare the crap out of neighborhood kids on halloween!
Use it to turn on the TV myseriously when your significant other is reading a book. I am planning on doing this to my girlfriend. =)
There are thousands of possibilities!

Harga : Rp. 75.000,-

Order : 085646814774


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