Jual Motor Servo MG90 | Micro Servo MG90 (MEtal Gear)

Jual Motor Servo | Micro Servo MG90 (MEtal Gear)

motor servo mg90s

motor servo mg90s

Micro Servo MG90 (MEtal Gear)

100% new in box and high quality

MG90S: for 450 class Helicopter

Size: 22.8 x 12.42 x 28.5mm

Operating Speed: (4.8V no load) 0.11sec / 60 degrees

Operating Speed: (6.0V no load) 0.10sec / 60 degrees

Stall Torque: (4.8V) 2.2 kg/cm

Stall Torque: (6.0V) 2.5 kg/cm

Temperature Range: – 30 to + 60 degree C Dead Band

Width: 10us

Operation Voltage: 4.8 – 6.0 Volts

Weight: 13.5g/set

CCPM Servo Tester:ESC or Servo tester

-Output: ≤15mA (5.0) -Voltage consumption: DC4.8-6V

-Output signal: 1.5ms±0.5ms

-Product size: 44 x 30 x 23mm

-Product weight: 31.5g

Package includeing:

(1)MG90S x 8 units

(2) CCPM 3CH ESC Servo Master/Tester x 1pcs

Harga : 100.000

Order : 085646814774



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